1st POPsters Asia Meetup

First of all, thank you Chloe, Fie, Aiman, Valerie and Iffa for organising the first POPsters Asia Meetup at KLCC Park, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Also thank you to those who joined us despite the rainy and cold weather (couldn't even differentiate between rain water or sweat lol).   The morning started with a storm and... Continue Reading →


If You Are Not Cheating, You Are Not Trying

  Oops! Please do not use that as your life mantra. If you must cheat, cheat death! Also, maybe I'll let you cheat on another thing; workout. Yes, you heard that right! Let's get our mischief hat on, shall we? There are times that you feel that you want to go beyond your normal repetitions... Continue Reading →

The 1st POPsters Asia Meetup

Come meet POPsters alike and join in a fun filled, active and sweaty Saturday morning! This event is totally free and there'll be a POP Pilates session conducted by our fellow POP Pilates instructor. 9AM - Meeting point at KLCC Park entrance of Pond/Fountains. 9:15AM - Proceed to the workout spot. 9:30AM - POP Pilates... Continue Reading →


Fun. Camaraderie. Self-actualisation. Those are the words that came from our minds when we first erected this community.  The mission for the formation of POPsters Asia is to connect all POPsters and like-minded fitness enthusiasts in Asia. By creating this web of allies, we truly believe that we can inspire and assist each other to... Continue Reading →

For Shoes’ Sake!

Shoes are your best friends. Some say shoes represent your personality. In a psychology finding, the first thing a stranger notices about you is the shoes you are wearing at the time. Despite the glamour you are getting with your shoes, it is imperative to purchase a pair of functional athletic footwear for your specific... Continue Reading →

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