For Shoes’ Sake!

Shoes are your best friends. Some say shoes represent your personality. In a psychology finding, the first thing a stranger notices about you is the shoes you are wearing at the time. Despite the glamour you are getting with your shoes, it is imperative to purchase a pair of functional athletic footwear for your specific physical activities. I have been bombarded with questions from my clients regarding footwear for exercises and agonisingly, it seems that most of them bought their athletic footwear based on impulse purchases and colours. I will share with you my experience and tips on finding yourself a reliable pair of athletic shoes (with style, of course!).

Tips on Choosing & Buying Your Pair of Athletic Shoes

My take on purchasing any sort of fitness goods is to always keep it simple and avoid media pressure. It is helpful if you can start a flow chart and write it down in organising your thoughts on your purchase intent to avoid any rushed decision. In this case, the first step you have to recognise is what kind of activity you will be partaking for your fitness journey. A purchase of multipurpose athletic shoes such as cross trainers is a layman’s advise for general fitness. You need to buy a pair of specialty shoes if you are doing specific physical activities such as running, tennis, weightlifting, or badminton. You need to list down your weekly physical activities, your participation frequency, and decide whether you can afford to have a single pair of multipurpose shoes or a few pair of specific sports shoes. The idea of possessing different athletic shoes is to maximise your performance in specific activities and more importantly, protecting your feet. Despite running for few miles with basketball shoes may look chic to you and other runners, you will risk injuries on your legs and feet.

After acquiring what shoes you have to purchase, the next step would be getting your shoes fitted. As you may be aware, there are different types of arched feet and some physical activity levels demand denser cushioning in your shoes. Getting professional help on shoe fittings will maximise your protection especially in high impact workouts such as aerobics, weightlifting, and others. Spending a few bucks on fitting your shoes should not be a bane. May I remind you that you spend 80% of your day with your pair of footwear and the logic is simply sturdy to argue with!

Last but not least, take a trip to your nearest sports shop and browse around. Armed with your findings and professional help, it will be relatively simple for you to go through few pair of shoes in a store. Some stores have employees with professional credentials to help you with your purchases. Consider finding a reputable brand store because some branded stores will allow you to try few shoes while running on the treadmill, lifting weights, or other applicable activities. To satisfy your fashion hunger, buy a few accessories for your shoes such as pins and shoelaces. Also, some stores give you an option of customising your shoes with names, numbers, or designs. Have fun!

Other Guidelines

  • A good pair of shoes should be paired with a strong pair of socks. Never wear a pair of shoes without a pair of socks. Socks act as your secondary shield in your footwear. Purchase only reliable sports socks with reputable brands. Also, it is a chance for you to mix and match your socks colour schemes with your shoes!
  • If you are a member of a sports club such as running club, rugby club, or others; do pay attention to your peers and their footwear. Asking senior members in your sports club to share their thoughts on certain footwear will save you headache from researching around and they might introduce you to a dedicated footwear seller to the sports club.
  • On your casual outings, consider buying a pair of sneakers. Avoid wearing flip flops if you are going to walk for more than two miles on the streets. Even brisk walking or running on the beach can be painful if you ditch your footwear. Always aim to wear shoes wherever you go.
  • Observing wear patterns on your footwear every month is a general advise for everyone. Trust your instinct by looking at your shoes and if you think you need to change it, you might be correct! Another way to change your athletic shoes is to follow the numbers. After three to seven months of regular use or 300 to 500 miles of running, it is time to change your shoes.

Aiman’s Advise

Athletic shoes should be your main focus in your fitness journey. Your legs are your locomotion for daily activities. Get a few trusted pair of athletic shoes will serve you more benefits and good looks!

To conclude, do not put an extra attention on pricing on shoes. You can spend anywhere between lower tiered to splurging pricing. A four figure priced shoes will not guarantee you a perfect fit and protection. Seek help from fitness professionals and footwear experts to get your fitted shoes for your feet structure and you will save money from foot medical bills!

‘Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.’ Marilyn Monroe.

P/S: For you too, guys!!!


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