Obsessed to Free by Steph Schultz (@xogingy)

In order for a particular lifestyle to be sustainable, it involves the right mix of discipline in following a regime and at the same time having a certain degree of flexibility to make way for the rollercoaster of events that is life itself. Steph's book, Obsessed to Free, strives to encapsulate such a message. When I... Continue Reading →


The 1st POPsters Asia Meetup

Come meet POPsters alike and join in a fun filled, active and sweaty Saturday morning! This event is totally free and there'll be a POP Pilates session conducted by our fellow POP Pilates instructor. 9AM - Meeting point at KLCC Park entrance of Pond/Fountains. 9:15AM - Proceed to the workout spot. 9:30AM - POP Pilates... Continue Reading →


Fun. Camaraderie. Self-actualisation. Those are the words that came from our minds when we first erected this community.  The mission for the formation of POPsters Asia is to connect all POPsters and like-minded fitness enthusiasts in Asia. By creating this web of allies, we truly believe that we can inspire and assist each other to... Continue Reading →

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