A Recap of Fitness Fest 2017 in Singapore!

Fitness Fest 2017, which took place from 20 to 21 May in Singapore promised to be two-full days of exciting fitness classes that would allow beginners, fitness lovers and just about anyone to explore the wonderful world of fitness and how to get fit. I was there for both days (for Cassey, of course!) and also had the chance to experience other classes. I’m not quite sure if the event is coming back for a second run, but read on for my take on how it went this year!

So, apart from the classes conducted in the main tents, you needed to sign-up. It was super duper crowded and signing up for small-group classes were relatively difficult since spots filled up very quickly. I went for two smaller classes – Toning and Flexibility by Sandra Faustina of Wings to Wings, and Muay Thai by the Ring Boxing Community. The rest of the seven classes I attended were the mass classes in the huge tents. (Well, size really is relative depending on the crowd. The tent did feel quite small during the more popular segments!)

My most-favourite segments of Fitness Fest would probably be  be POP Pilates, PIIT28 and the Lorna Jane surprise segment by UFIT. First two because Cassey and I have history (lolol) and I got good vibes from the Lorna Fit segment.

POP Pilates

POPsters Asia miraculously got front row seats for the POP Pilates class and it was lovely doing it with them! Cassey heard me from the crowd and even responded during the workout itself – love how she makes it a point to go to the same level as her fans/friends.

POPsters Asia with Cassey before our POP Pilates class!

Moments before this picture was taken, all of us just met for the first time at Bayfront MRT, after having befriended each other online through Instagram and Whatsapp. Amazing what the weekend can do. Little shoutout to my new homies here:

Sweating it out together while working out, sharing conversations/thoughts/experiences and later during the night exchanging farewell hugs on the last day mean so much to me. I enjoyed every moment I spent with you guys.

Photo Courtesy of FitnessFest SG Facebook page
Photo Courtesy of FitnessFest SG Facebook page
Photo Courtesy of FitnessFest SG Facebook page


It was raining super heavily during the PIIT28 session and water was seeping in from all corners into the tent, despite it being sheltered. Some participants ended up having to do their workout on wet yoga mats while others modified their workouts such they did not have to use their yoga mats! (How spontaneous and creative!) The rain didn’t dampen spirits one bit amd everyone was still buzzing after the session was over.

Photo Courtesy of FitnessFest SG Facebook page
Photo Courtesy of FitnessFest SG Facebook page
Photo Courtesy of FitnessFest SG Facebook page

I was personally worried about not being able to complete PIIT28 especially since Cassey chose to put jumping squats, squeezed lunges AND squat-hop-lunges into the routine, but I survived!!

(Psst! The playlists she used for both her classes were amazing and available on Spotify here. Love how she updates the pieces for her classes to keep the fresh vibes going!)

Lorna Fit Surprise Workout

The other mass class I attended was the Lorna Fit surprise workout by UFIT. I loved it because of the instructors’ charisma and the moves that were incorporated. Full body toning and heart racing elements? Check!

Photo Courtesy of FitnessFest SG Facebook page
From left to right: Nicole Gallagher, Wendy Riddell, Hiitjabi and Laura Phillips after the surprise workout class!

Other Mass Classes

Apart from these three classes, I went for BoomBox by the Ring Boxing Community, Fit Bodyweight by UFIT (instructors here were really amazing too – Citira Corrigan and Lisa Clayton), Bolly Dazz by the Bolly Dancing Studio and Family Yoga by Canvass.

I think my comfort zone lies in classes that comprise bodyweight and cardio moves – I didn’t go for anything that required specific equipment. (A part of me did want to try Crossfit and Crucycle but, bad luck, those classes were either exclusive or full!)

Most of the classes were generally familiar to me in the sense that I already do these sort of workouts regularly. However, doing it live with other people around added a really unique twist. While I do like the energy, it can get a bit uncomfortable, especially if there is limited personal space.

That said, it was an enjoyable experience on the whole and going for back-to-back classes with 45-minute breaks in between for a weekend, and working out with friends (both old and new) was an adventure in itself!

I wouldn’t have changed my weekend in any way!


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