Fun. Camaraderie. Self-actualisation. Those are the words that came from our minds when we first erected this community. 

The mission for the formation of POPsters Asia is to connect all POPsters and like-minded fitness enthusiasts in Asia. By creating this web of allies, we truly believe that we can inspire and assist each other to realise our true fitness potential. Step by step, this community will serve as a hub of excitement for POPsters to share, play, and create meet-ups. 

Come and join us in our journey to make the POP Community a part of our ever refining life!

We are also looking for a POPsters Asia Country Rep for EACH Asian country (except Malaysia, Singapore and Japan). You can apply by IG message and tell us in a 1 minute video on why you should be a POPsters Asia Country Rep. Only one POPster per country will be able to become Country Rep. 

Here’s something exciting for all you POPsters! We will be organising the 1st ever POPsters Asia Meetup which will be happening in KLCC Park, Kuala Lumpur. It’s happening on a Saturday, 26th August, so those of you from other countries can fly in and join us without missing work or school. We can also help you out with accommodation if you need. 

It is indeed life changing to go out and meet POPsters in real life, listen to their stories and share with them your interests. Why? Because that’s how we, POPsters Asia, started. POPsters from Malaysia, Thailand and Japan flew into Singapore to meet Cassey Ho and the rest of the Singaporean POPsters. We ‘POPped’ (POP Pilates), did a trillion yoga poses and basically, made new friends. 

Without further ado, we hope that you will all love this blog we have specially dedicated to you POPsters Asia and will continue to be part of this community. Please keep the article suggestions coming in as well! 
PS: Stay tuned for an awesome giveaway 😏


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