Obsessed to Free by Steph Schultz (@xogingy)

In order for a particular lifestyle to be sustainable, it involves the right mix of discipline in following a regime and at the same time having a certain degree of flexibility to make way for the rollercoaster of events that is life itself. Steph’s book, Obsessed to Free, strives to encapsulate such a message.

When I first started connecting with the POPpilates community on Instagram, @xogingy was one of the first POPster Insta-famous accounts I followed. Steph Schultz is a fitspo POPpilates instructor who is a strong advocate for self-love and always emphasizes the importance of finding the healthy lifestyle that enables you to FEEL your best, rather than simply to LOOK your best.

Upon hearing that Steph was launching her first digital book, I was excited. Managed to get hold of the book from Steph’s blogsite here. If you’re sitting on the fence about purchasing the book, here’s what Obsessed to Free means to me.

Obsessed to Free

The Magic Within

I find that Obsessed to Free comprises of three main themes: nutrition intake, intuitive eating and the quelling of obsessive thoughts.

Steph talks about the various components of nutrients that we can find in our food and strives to debunk the myths that we may have about certain food components (such as carbs!). She also makes mention of diet culture and what we can do to combat it, which brings me on to the next theme: intuitive eating!

One can definitely tell that this is something Steph strongly believes in. Steph provides advice and possible steps that we can take to inculcate the habit of intuitive eating into our daily lifestyles. This section is comprehensive, and I feel that Steph delivered it very well.

The final section contains tips on how we can quell obsessive thoughts. This, I believe is very relatable for many. Fighting such thoughts inevitably involves a certain degree of mental strength and self-assurance/confidence. Steph breaks this section down nicely, talking about obsessive thoughts in relation to food, fitness and body image.


Obsessed to Free sufficiently touches on the three aforementioned themes in a concise manner. Reading the book felt like Steph was right there giving me a motivational pep talk – very close and personal!

While the content may not necessarily be new since much talk has been going on about diet culture and the sort, Obsessed to Free  stands out because the content is presented in a structured and simplified manner that would enable readers to take measures progressively to liberate themselves from being very nitty gritty about the way they do things in the name of achieving an ideal body image.

Also, the aesthetic of the book is top-notch!

Future Developments

In any case, I hope Obsessed to Free  does not just stop here. There are many ways to develop and grow this series, and topics that have yet to be touched on in this book.

I personally am very interested in meal prep ideas and fitness regimes that are not necessarily too specific – just enough so that I have some inspiration on how to go about eating/working out better.

Steph does cater to the latter as she has an accountability/support service that comes in a package with this book. For more details, click here.

Personal Changes

A few months back, I started calorie counting out of curiosity, but was skeptical of it since it can potentially trigger obsessive behaviours. After having joined the community that Steph created on Facebook and reading her book, I decided to wean of it and engage in intuitive eating instead (So yes, this portion of the book was the most significant to me especially with the guide on how to inculcate such a habit).

As mentioned in her book, this would not necessarily easy at the beginning, but with time, I hope to be able to understand my mind and body better so that I’m able to lead a healthy lifestyle for the long haul. Definitely wouldn’t wanna be calorie counting until the clock stops ticking!


On the whole, Obsessed to Free sends out the message to men and women alike that there is much freedom when it comes to living a healthily. It all boils down to truly understanding your food, having self-control, while learning to love yourself and enjoy life as it comes. It debunks myths that may trigger obsessive behaviour and (to me) pushes the soul to engage in a more liberating and sustainable lifestyle.

If you’re keen on having a closer look at the book, here‘s a complimentary sneak peek. Otherwise, the full book is available here!



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