Our Story

POPsters Asia started from a WhatsApp group created by Chloe. The plan was to gather POPsters from all over Asia who simply wanted to buy tickets together to workout with Cassey Ho of Blogilates at the Fitness Festival 2017 in Singapore. From there, the group started growing to a resplendent amount of 30 POPsters who only met for the first time at the festival.

Cassey Ho (photo) giving a talk to the media. Photo taken from the Fitness Fest SG Facebook page.
POP Pilates Session
That’s a whole lotta golf balls!
Aqua PIIT28!
POPsters side planking above rain water. Or was it sweat? 🤔

After conducting a wet (like, we mean, REALLY WET) PIIT28 (Pilates Intense Interval Training) session on the last day of the festival, Chloe, Marielle and Aiman surprised the POPsters with a dinner hangout with Cassey and boyfriend/manager, Sam Livits. During dinner, she strongly encouraged and supported our little community we’ve built here and hope it will grow even bigger to reach out to many other POPsters in Asia. So Cassey? This is for you ♥️

Dinner with Cassey, Sam & POPsters Asia.
Hangout and dinner with Cassey, Sam & POPsters Asia.

“Currently on my way back to LA. ✈️ I’m leaving Singapore INCREDIBLY INSPIRED. ✨ I love going to new places and teaching in front of large crowds, but nothing beats the joy of being able to spend quality time with a few new friends. Last night after the closing of Fitness Fest (and completely drowning in my own sweat – everything from my knee caps to my hair follicles were sweating 💦), I got to engage in some raw, real and motivating conversations with the girls and guys of @popsters.asia! First of all, I’m floored that people flew in all the way from Japan, Thailand, and Malaysia to go meet me and their fellow POPsters in Singapore. Many have NEVER met before. But you see, the internet and social media are BEAUTIFUL THINGS. Friendships can begin online, but they can FLOURISH in real life. This is the REASON why I do what I do! There is something that binds all us POPsters together. It’s this inner warmth of kindness that’s part of who we are naturally. My heart feels full and my soul is happy. ♥️ I may be jet-lagged on who knows what time zone as of now, but my head is clear. I’m here on earth doing what I’m meant to do – with PASSION and PURPOSE. And I owe it all to you guys. I’m grateful for you every single day. Don’t you EVER forget that this is a real community made up of real people from all over the 🌎 who will embrace you exactly as you are. I love you guys so much and I hope to be able to meet you one day. Who wants to do a #Blogilates Retreat!?” – @blogilates

Till this day, the Whatsapp group remains active and the members still keep in touch despite being in different parts of the world. Meetups will soon be organised to bring everyone together again.


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